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Angstrom Sciences, Inc.
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For Immediate Release

Angstrom Sciences Manufactures a High Power Magnetron

Pittsburgh, PA, February 28, 2005 -Angstrom Sciences, Inc. has developed a series of sputtering cathodes that are capable of sustaining continuous power densities of greater than 1500 watts/in2. Sputtering cathodes are available for production and R&D testing.

Advances in high rate, high power magnetron sputtering are currently being pursued by modifying power supply systems to deliver short bursts of high power densities to the sputtering target (10,000 watts/in2). Angstrom Sciences, Inc. has designed a series of sputtering cathodes directed toward sustaining high power densities (>1500 watts/in2) in an effort to give greater flexibility to production and research applications. Future designs will target a goal of 2000-3000 watts/in2 of sustained power densities.

Traditional Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes have many limitations from poor anode shield designs, inadequate cooling of magnets, insufficient magnetic field strength, and poor heat transfer from target.

Angstrom Sciences sputtering cathodes allow for higher rates for shorter processing times. Higher sputtering energy can also improve adhesion, film stress, growth structure and film orientation. In these designs, low-pressure operation also allows for self-sputtering to be achieved for certain target materials and for lower contamination levels incorporated into the growing film. Other advantages of Angstrom Sciences sputtering cathode design include an optimized magnetic array design, active anode cooling, direct target cooling and solid power coupling / termination.