Power Cable Reference Article

Cable OD Ohms AMPS Volts
RG142 0.195" 50 5A 1900V
RG8A/U 0.405" 50 15A 5000V
RG393/U 0.390" 50 19A 5000V
1675A 0.246" 50 20A 3500V
TRU-500 0.490" 50 30A 12000V
Cable Insulator Temp Conductor OD RF/DC Recommended Max Power
RG142 TFE -55 to +200 °C 0.037"
200 RF
1000 DC
RG8A/U Polyethylene -40 to +80 °C 0.0855"
Stranded 7x
500 RF
5000 DC
RG393/U TFE -55 to +200 °C 0.0936"
Stranded 7x
1000 RF
7000 DC
1675A TFE -70 to +200 °C 0.065"
1500 RF
9000 DC
TRU-500 PTFE -55 to +200 °C 0.145"
Stranded 7x
2000 RF
12000 DC

The maximum continuous current rating for an electronic cable is limited by center conductor size, number of conductors contained within the cable, maximum temperature rating of the cable, cable length, and environmental conditions such as ambient temperature and air flow.

The guide is to be used as a reference only and Angstrom Sciences, Inc. accepts no liability for above power recommendations.. Other process variables, such as cable length, operating temperature, and duty cycle, can greatly effect ratings. Please consult Angstrom Sciences, Inc. for further recommendations.