UHV Sputtering

Angstrom Sciences offers a full line of UHV magnetron designs including our “Onyx UHV” which features all metal seals, ceramic insulators and demountable magnet arrays. The fully welded construction allows bake out to 450ºC.  The “Onyx UHV” is available from 1" (25mm) to 12" (300mm) target diameters and is compatible with all of the accessories, magnet sets, and features found in both the standard Onyx high vacuum cathodes  and the “Onyx-HT” (a high temperature variant of the standard Onyx cathode with all ceramic insulators for high temperature operation that offers “near”-UHV performance). 

These magnetrons are compatible with both DC , RF and DC pulsed power supplies. A full range of options are also offered including insertion lengths, shutters, gas inlets, and cross contamination shields.

UHV Sputtering Cathode AngstromUHV Sputtering Cathode Angstrom

UHV Sputtering Cathode AngstromUHV Sputtering Linear Cathode Angstrom

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