Indirect Cooled Magnetron

Indirect Cooled Magnetrons incorporate an intermediate wall between the circular cathode’s cooling water and the sputtering target. This wall creates a permanent water-to-vacuum seal preventing leaks that could occur if a target is "sputtered through."

Angstrom Sciences’ 1"- 4"  (25mm-100mm) indirect cooled circular magnetrons incorporate a threaded target clamp and anode shield that adjust to sputtering targets of varying thicknesses. Target changes on the threaded design are quick and easy, requiring no ancillary tools or devices.

Additionally, the threaded target clamp and anode shield create a compact circular magnetron head. This allows Angstrom Sciences’ circular magnetrons to fit in confined vacuum chambers and to sputter a larger substrate compared to its surface area than conventional magnetrons.

Indirectly Cooled magnetrons are recommended for low power applications and are an ideal chioce for Research and Develppment Applications.

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