Confocal Sputtering

Confocal/ Combinatorial Sputtering Angstrom Sciences

Confocal or Combinatorial Sputtering is a technique where a relatively small circular cathode (generally 2” to 4” in diameter) is tilted (generally 30 degrees) off normal and directed to a spot (approximately 0.5 r) on a rotating substrate. This approach, due to the relative eccentric motion of the substrate to the sputter head produces very uniform films on substrates ranging up to twice the diameter of the magnetron. In this arrangement multiple sources can be configured to deposit simultaneously on a single rotating substrate providing a very effective way to develop compound thin films.

Having the ability to adjust the tilt head provides you with more flexibility in a variety of sputtering applications and allow you to better optimize the uniformity of the coating.

Angstrom Sciences offers a varity of magnetrons that can be used in confocal sputtering applications. These magnetrons feature an angular tilt head that can be adjusted for optimal coverage angle of the target relative to the substrate and flange mounting. Optional feed throughs are available that allow easy adjustment of the cathode to the sub straight distance without breaking the vacuum.

Angstrom Sciences also supplies a Confocal Alignment Tool to make easy and precise adjustments with minimal time when tuning multiple cathodes for optimizing uniformity.

Common Cathode Accessories and Configurations Include:

-Shutters - Cross Contamination Shields - Insertion lengths
- In-Situ Tilt - Gas Inlet Assemblies - Linear Motion Actuators

 Confocal Sputtering Array Angstrom






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