Magnetron Technology

The driving force behind the evolution of the magnetron sputtering cathode has always been process control. Without a way to direct the flow of ions within the process plasma, other methods of thin film deposition cannot be practically applied to mass production applications.

Sputtering Magnet Array

Magnetron technology uses powerful magnets to localize the process plasma around the sputtering target, confining a higher density of ions around the target surface. This results in a more efficient electron/gas molecule collision rate at lower pressure than other forms of Physical Vapor Deposition.

Increasingly sophisticated magnetic controls have allowed magnetron sputtering technology to become one of the fastest growing production techniques in modern manufacturing. Today’s technologists are using magnetron technology to coat more surfaces in more industries than ever before.

Cylindrical Magnetic Model

This is largely due to the fact that magnetron sputtering cathodes provide much greater versatility than other deposition approaches. As a cold, momentum-transfer process, magnetron technology can be used to apply either conductive or insulating materials to any type of substrate, including metals, ceramics, and heat-sensitive plastics.

Additional advances in magnet technology, target cooling, and magnetron construction (see Angstrom Advantage™) now provide even more control over the sputtering process.


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