Magnetron Sputtering Cathode Repair and Rebuilds

At Angstrom Sciences, we design, engineer and manufacture the world’s most advanced and reliable magnetron sputtering cathodes. And we stand by the quality of our products with the industry’s longest warranty on workmanship and materials - 2 years.

We’re also committed to ensuring the highest quality performance throughout the lifetime of your magnetron. That is why we provide a comprehensive repair and rebuild service for any emergency or maintenance needs you may encounter on our ONYX® or other magnetron assemblies.

Angstrom Sciences standard rebuild service includes:

  • Source disassembly
  • Mechanical and Electrical Damage Check 
  • Fit and tolerance inspection
  • O-Ring replacement
  • Screw replacement

  • Total cleaning
  • Magnet check: encapsulate, clean, and map
  • Reassembly
  • Testing: vacuum, electrical, and water (test sheet provided)
  • Water and electrical line replacement (if necessary)


For more information about Magnetron Sputtering Repairs & Rebuilds call 412-469-8466