Magnetron Sputtering Technical References

Please Note: Angstrom Sciences has created a technical reference section to help provide detailed technical information to our visitors. We have organized the information into several categories listed below. The information has been supplied by reputable sources and is believed to be reliable and accurate and should be used as a guide only. No guarantee, warranty, or representation is made, intended, or implied as to the correctness of any of the information supplied herein.


HIPIMS - ITO from Cylindrical Cathodes

Generalities on Target Setup
"On The Fly" Cathode Uniformity Tuning
Advanced Reactive Sputtering Process Control Technology and Systems
Growth End Properties of High Index Ta2O5 Optical Coatings Prepared by HIPIMS
HIPIMS Discharge Optimization
Deposition Rate Enhancement in HIPIMS

Contributing Factors in Cathode Placement for Confocal Sputtering

Uniformity Control for Rotating Clyindrical Magnetrons
Grounding Procedure
Magnetically Enhancing the Glass Coating Industry
Comparison of Indirectly vs Directly Cooled Circular Targets
14% to 40% Target Utilization
ASI-HLK  Replacement Magnetron Uniformity Tuning
Magnetically Enhancing the Glass Coating Industry
 Uniformity Tuning in a Linear Magnetron
How to run a Reliable Reactuive HiPIMS Process






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