Backing Plates


Backing Plates
Backing plates used in the sputtering process are essential to creating a quality thin film deposition for your product.  We offer backing plates in both standard configurations and custom dimensions to meet your specific requirements. We also offer complete bonding services to provide a complete solution.

Angstrom Sciences provides customized backing plates to fit any manufacturer’s cathode. Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to manufacture a full range of backing plates to original equipment specifications or custom cathode dimensions with the highest level of quality control.

At Angstrom Sciences no order is too small or too big.  There are no minimum lot-size requirements for custom compositions and our extraordinary focus on customer service is the envy of the industry.  We routinely provide backing plates (copper, molybdenum, copper-chromium) for planar, circular and cylindrical sputtering targets, conductive pastes and pads for sputter target cooling, and also offer bonding services as part of our comprehensive range of services to the PVD community.