Magnet Mapping Kit

A Magnet Mapping Kit provides a way to measure the magnetic field of your magnetron and compare it to an original map of the magnet array.

Magnet mapping kits can be provided that will allow the user to measure the field strength of their magnetron and determine if there has been sufficient damage or degradation of the magnet array to warrant replacement.

As the magnetic field weakens in a magnetron sputtering cathode, the operating voltage and lowest operating pressure will increase causing negative effects in the thin film quality and uniformity.

Having a magnetic diagnostic tool will allow the user to determine if a process shift is due to the magnetron or something else.

The magnet mapping kit consists of a mapping plate, gauss meter and probe. The mapping plate is designed to fit on the sputtering cathode and counter bored holes are drilled so that readings can be taken at the target surface.  This allows for consistent placement and the readings can be compared to the original magnet map provided with every Angstrom Sciences Magnetron Sputtering Cathode.


Magnet Mapping KitMagnet Mapping Kit

Magnet Mapping Kit


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