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Pittsburgh, PA, October 15, 2018

Robert Rovnanik, Director of Sales and Marketing

Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

40 S. Linden St.

Duquesne, PA, USA 15110

Phone: +1 412 469 8466



Angstrom Sciences Inc. is excited to announce the appointment of Side Semiconductor Technology, Ltd. (Cross Tech) as a manufacturer’s representative for the Country of China.

“We are pleased to welcome the Side Semiconductor/ Cross Tech team to the Angstrom Sciences Group. Side Semiconductor has four branches strategically located in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an and Chengdu that provide a high level of technical support and customer service to our clients in these areas”, said Robert Rovnanik, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Angstrom Sciences, Inc. is the premier global supplier of magnetron technology used to produce thin films through the “sputtering” process. Sputtering is used to manufacture advanced products such as, energy efficient architectural glass, optical components, flat panel displays and micro-electronic devices.  The company has a worldwide business presence and is headquartered in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, USA.  For more information on magnetron sputtering technology, visit Angstrom Sciences at or email us at


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