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Joel Smolka, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing


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Effective November 1, 2016, Angstrom Sciences Inc. , the world leader in magnetron sputtering technology has entered into an exclusive Distribution agreement with PLASUS GmbH a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor systems.  Angstrom Sciences will provide exclusive sales and distribution for all of North America.

Process control is essential in industrial plasma applications to ensure reliability and high quality of the process. Optical emission spectroscopy, (OES) is a first choice technique since it does not affect the plasma and since real-time monitoring of several plasma species is possible.

“Angstrom Sciences is very excited to be offering the PLASUS EMICON system to all of our customers in North America.  PLASUS is an industry leader in turn-key process control systems. The EMICON system offers all the features required to analyze, optimize and control your plasma application, “said Joel Smolka, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.

For additional details please visit Angstrom Sciences Web Site at and reference Plasma Analysis and Process Control.

PLASUS GmbH is a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor systems. Founded 20 years ago, their core competence is the development of turn-key process control systems for industry and R&D applications. The systems are applied for plasma monitoring, process control, process optimization, quality control and spectroscopic plasma analysis. For more information on PLASUS please visit


Angstrom Sciences, Inc. is the premier global supplier of magnetron technology used to produce thin films through the “sputtering” process. Sputtering is used to manufacture advanced products, such as data storage devices, energy efficient architectural glass, optical components, flat panel displays and microelectronic devices.  The company has a worldwide business presence and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information on magnetron sputtering technology, visit Angstrom Sciences at








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